Feb 2, 2011

Resolutions: Check Up

We're about a month into the new year. This is the point in time where our resolutions begin to fade from memory, as we fail to keep them up. This is true for me as well. My three specific resolutions have been broken. The first was to exercise on a regular basis, by which I meant daily. I'm pretty sure I haven't exercised at all. The second was to read the Bible, following along with The King and I Bible Project. I was doing pretty well for the first few weeks, until Genesis got boring. Finally I wanted to write on my new blog, which I haven't so much. So, I have failed.

Or have I? There's 2 options at this point: I can simply give up, and try again next year, or I can get up, brush myself off, and try again. I'll snag a Bible to read in classes (after all of my work is done, of course) and catch up with that.  I can talk to my dad about setting up a new exercise routine for me, and get back to some system of tracking it.  I can write a blog post, right now. I can choose to move past this temporary failure and succeed.

In the past, this sort of stumbling would have had me beat. I have historically been a defeatist, assuming failure before I began anything. This losing attitude still figures strongly in my life. Now, though, is the perfect time to overcome it. I have been presented with the perfect opportunity to exercise a new, positive attitude, and to actually challenge myself.

Now, I'll pour some tea, and brainstorm some more post ideas, or read a few Bible chapters.



  1. Now the question is have you followed any of that yet? XD
    - Blake btw