Feb 29, 2012

I'm offended! By a teacher!

[Anything in quotes below is from memory] 

A few weeks ago in the cafeteria, I overheard a teacher talking with some girls at the next table, 

     "Atheists really do believe, they just say they don't for the attention." 

Now, as a Catholic school student, I'm exposed to more religion than the average person, but I couldn't believe what I'd heard. I asked the teacher what he just had said. 
     "I don't think people are really atheists, they just say they are for the attention."
     "That's not true," I replied. I was getting offended by now, and I think he could tell.
     "I think it is," he said, as if his opinion were law. In four words he moved me from irked to pissed.
     "But it's not." Then came my witty argument, "If that were true, why are there secret atheists? I know people who I'm one of the only people who knows they're atheists. If they just wanted attention, why don't they tell people." Not my best argument, but it was a quick reply, and i think it got the point across. Then, he walked away without saying anything else. In his defense, I am a known troublemaker and atheist loudmouth.
     A few weeks later, I've written an email to him:

[Name Withheld]
     I don't know if you remember, but a few weeks ago I overheard you talking at lunch to the table next to mine. You'd said that atheists really do believe, but say they don't for attention. At first I was a bit  angry to hear that, but now I'm just curious: Why do you think that?  I am genuinely interested in your thoughts, and I'd really appreciate a reply. 

It's within his job description to answer questions like that, so I expect a reply. I'll be sure to post with any developments.